Policies and Procedures


Welcome to the Commerce Exchange. Our goal is to create a collaborative group of merchants across North America. A place where information and experiences can be freely exchanged to maximize the professional and commercial growth of our members.

We seek to accomplish that objective by:

  • Making this community invite-only to protect the objective
  • Discussing best practices
  • Advising on solutions, agencies, marketplaces, technology, and resources
  • Ware2Go will only be an advisor and moderator. We are here to provide helpful content, ensure the value of the exchange, and advise on technical supply chain matters


To join you have to be nominated, referred, or apply. This will protect the interests of the merchants that are asking questions and providing answers while ensuring the value of the exchange.

Once you are in, you’re in, regardless of whether

  • You move to another company
  • Change industries- even if you move to a company where you are directly selling to commerce merchants. However, let’s not get overly promotional on group threads



  • Ask questions
  • Provide your thoughts/ solutions to other’s questions
  • Forward interesting articles
  • Circulate cool tools or vendors
  • Channel references or intel on processes, vendors, or marketplaces
  • Share best practices for marketplaces, eCommerce, and Retail sales/distribution/marketing
  • Reply to questions in a thread
  • Refer your colleagues and friends
  • Keep a 1:1 rule. For every question, you ask, answer or provide feedback on another

Try to avoid:

  • Getting overly promotional on threads
  • Addressing a channel with @here


You can find resource shared within the workspace at commerce-exchange.com